Education Sponsorship Program


We are currently looking for a sponsor to
help a handsome young man pursue his
dream of continuing education.
Leonardo Fransisco Centeno Vargas is
very special to my husband and I
because he is our nephew. In this
picture, Leonardo is on the right. I'd like
to tell you a little bit about him!
Leonardo is a 17 year old who is
currently living in San Carlos, where both
he and his father were born and raised.
San Carlos is approximately 6 hours by
bus from the UNAN (Universidad
Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua), the
university he hopes to attend in
Managua, Nicaragua. While in Managua
he will live with his aunts and cousins in their small rented home. Leonardo is thinking about eventually
studying to become a paediatric doctor, but would like to start with a general program.
Leonardo's father has been without a steady job for a couple of years now. He has fortunately been able
to make some money working on his parent's farm (Leonardo's grandparents). His dad, Fransisco,
currently makes about 1000 cordobas per month, $41.76US. He relies solely on his father's income
received through the family farm because his parents are separated and his mother has not been able to
financial support him.
I would be happy to get more information for you if you're interested! Please think about Leonardo,
pray, and wait to see if God might be leading your hearts to help this young man on his journey. You can
contact with any questions.