Jan 02, 2011

PAN is pleased to be one of the Missions that benefit from the ministry of Health Partners International . What a wonderful way to get medicines into a third world country! For a donation of $575, a short term mission team can receive a Physician's Travel Pack (PTP) made up of two easy-to-carry boxes filled with medicines and other medical supplies, with a wholesale value up to $5000.

Within a PTP are carefully chosen medicines matching the needs of a certain geographic region. These include antibiotics, antiemetics, anti-ulcer medication, oral rehydration, analgesics, antihistamines, antifungals, antihypertensives, vitamins, anti-malarials, medical supplies, topical creams and eye and ear drops and ointments. 

Health Partners International  receives donated medicine and medical supplies from Canadian health-care companies. They further assist by providing a packing list and the customs paper-work for each donation. Practically all of our teams and many individuals have sponsored and couriered these medical packs to Nicaragua. Our donations are given to La Mascota children's hospital, Bertha Calderon women's hospital and Teodoro Kint Clinic in Chinandega in the northern region of Nicaragua.

The distribution centre for Health Partners International is conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario.