"Yassaira's Hope"   

Watching a child endure cancer treatment is heartbreaking. Watching a child endure cancer without treatment is more than the human heart can bear.

PAN Missions Canada and La Mascota Hospital in Managua have partnered together to bring hope to Nicaraguan families facing the greatest battle of their lives. We need your help.

La Mascota Hospital is the only hospital in Nicaragua to offer pediatric cancer treatment. The treatment is free but is often inaccessible because families can not afford the transportation to the hospital. A monthly donation of $15 would ensure that a child within the city of Managua could receive potentially life saving chemotherapy. Thirty dollars would bring a child from other areas of Nicaragua into the facility and give a family hope for a future together.

Your generous gift could also assist in a positive outcome by providing nutritious food during treatment and recovery and give these kids a very real chance of victory in the fight for their lives.

When you sign up for the"Yassaira's Hope"... program, you will receive a photo of your child, a biography, the cancer diagnosis and updates about their treatment. Please be a “godparent” and stand shoulder to shoulder with these families as they battle to win.

To give hope, please fill out the Yassaira's Hope Sponsorship form. If you require additional information about this program, please write to sally@panmissions.org. All gifts over $20.00, made monthly or as a one time donation, are tax deductible. Payment can be made through the preauthorized payment form on the documents page or mail your gift to:

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Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12