Fundraising August 2020

I awoke early this morning and was thinking of Nica as I often do, hoping to return there as soon as it is possible. This morning however, my thoughts were focused somewhat differently.

We all went down to Nica this past January and saw our beautiful Jardin Shalom. We went right to work on our assorted projects and, little did we know that this would be the last team to go there for awhile.

In thinking back to what we accomplished, I see the lounge being repainted, repaired and many other projects that brought it up to a new standard to welcome not only teams but other groups that would use these facilities in new ways, such as Pastor’s conferences. You worked tirelessly in the heat I might add, and enjoyed making new friendships as well. I can see Kurt and Wes and Ron and Andrew sitting in the lounge having lunch and joking with Martha and Myrna.

I see Dawn and Andrew working in the heat alongside Mauricio, Joel and the construction workers to build the new Pastors’ house. A home for a family that has now established the Pan De Vida Church where they are now holding Church services regularly!

I see Suzie teaching her new student to crochet: now her student sends us photos of her work and it’s amazing.

Judy, you worked with the children and we loved to see your newest crafts!

As well, as many of us as could go to the Commit group’s project in Nandarola. We went with Dr. Doug Johnson and Janice to see their latest organic garden efforts. What a great experience! We saw the farm at the Disability Centre as well. We gave out hygiene kits there and the men were delighted. I can still see their faces.

For me, it was wonderful to see Yvonne and Wynne conduct the Women’s retreats with singing and sewing and so much more!! These women had been part of our Sewing Co-Ops and Delores, our sewing teacher made such an impression with the women! Delores has continued to teach the women every month….even now she is teaching them to sew face masks!

We were helped through all of this by Joyce and Tara and Barb and Larry.

The highlight for me was the Church service at the Feeding Centre where we took the local children, 80 to 100 of them, and, after feeding them lunch, while Jonathon told them the story of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet, we washed theirs and then gave them each new shoes and backpacks for school! Wow! Wow! Wow!

We packed up bags of food and gave them out to some of the local church families knowing that they were in desperate need. We built raised beds and filled them with vegetables for the Feeding Centre.

There was so much more, but my hope and prayer is that this letter will bring you your own memories of a beautiful time in Nica when so much was accomplished. God had given us this opportunity to serve and share with those in need and I believe that we all left part of our hearts there.

Thinking of you with love,