Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is such a blessing for those of us who went to Nicaragua to help there as well as the people who supported us back home.

This beautiful country with her beautiful people beckoned us to come. Their needs are greater than ever before and I was humbled as well as privileged to work beside teams that worked together and shared moments that will forever bind us together.

While there we taught sewing,crocheting and weaving mats. All skills that will allow them to start their own small businesses, so needed in these days.
Our Humanitarian team packaged up food and packed up clothing to distribute to the most needy. The smiles and hugs we received were the best payment of all!!

Nicaragua needs us and so PAN needs more teams to come. We serve a loving God and he lavishes us with this love all the while we serve Him and the people of Nicaragua!

Pan missions and all it’s friends wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and abundant blessings.