Notes from Nica

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PAN has been actively pursuing missions in Nicaragua for 21 years now. The results have been “far beyond anything we could think or imagine” and continue to grow. Our relationships with the Pastors there and the people of Nicaragua have been mutually rewarding and have resulted in many friendships.

The political unrest has brought us all sadness and pain. As the discontent with the regime of Daniel Ortega grows in intensity, we continue to watch the situation there and pray for this beautiful country. As the second poorest country in all of Latin America, it needed our help and now it needs us more than ever.

Our mission teams have built churches, school rooms and houses. We have established youth ministries including sports teams and a “vacation Bible school” format to work with children. Our medical missions have brought relief to those unable to reach regular medical assistance and improved the health of families. Our unique missions style has developed learning and small business opportunities for women. We have started 17 Sewing Co-Ops, teaching the basics with follow up teams who teach added skills to encourage and enhance their efforts. The relationships are amazing….the results are nothing short of miraculous. We have now added knitting, crochet and even weaving! Our “milk bag mats” have opened doors for them to make these mats for those in need as well as themselves to sell commercially.

We even started a program of raised bed organic gardening with test beds at our home base…”Jardin Shalom”. The advantage of this is: fewer weeds and more production.

The focus has always been to work alongside the Nicaraguan people creating an atmosphere of loving encouragement in day to day, practical ways.

It has been a joy to watch the Nicaraguans thrive in this environment and reach the potential that God has planned for them.

Even through this difficult time, our teams continue to plan and prepare for upcoming missions.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your interests and skills, please contact us at “”

Respectfully submitted by Sharon Jackson, Pan Ambassador and team leader.