Jan 02, 2011

PAN is pleased to be one of the Missions that benefit from the ministry of Health Partners International . What a wonderful way to get medicines into a third world country! For a donation of $575, a short term mission team can receive a Physician’s Travel Pack (PTP) made up of two easy-to-carry boxes filled with medicines and other medical supplies, with a wholesale value up to $5000.

Within a PTP are carefully chosen medicines matching the needs of a certain geographic region. These include antibiotics, antiemetics, anti-ulcer medication, oral rehydration, analgesics, antihistamines, antifungals, antihypertensives, vitamins, anti-malarials, medical supplies, topical creams and eye and ear drops and ointments.

Health Partners International  receives donated medicine and medical supplies from Canadian health-care companies. They further assist by providing a packing list and the customs paper-work for each donation. Practically all of our teams and many individuals have sponsored and couriered these medical packs to Nicaragua. Our donations are given to La Mascota children’s hospital, Bertha Calderon women’s hospital and Teodoro Kint Clinic in Chinandega in the northern region of Nicaragua.

The distribution centre for Health Partners International is conveniently located in Mississauga, Ontario.


The PAN Missions Mercy Fund is representative of PAN at the most basic level. This is the place where we can truly share with God’s people who are in need. Romans 12:13a.

The Mercy Fund was set up to provide single use emergency help. It is one of PAN Mission’s most important ministry funds because it has the greatest and most widespread ability to help. Although individuals may request assistance from the Mercy Fund for living essentials, like food or clothing, the most common request comes from physicians with patients in need of diagnostic tests. Hospital treatment in Nicaragua is free to it’s citizens but the testing is not. Without the tests, a diagnosis is difficult for even the most skilled medical professional. Diagnostic testing always comes with a high price tag. MRIs, CTScans and a variety of other tools can be used to save lives…if a person can afford them.

The Mercy Fund is a valuable but expensive program.
The need is great.
The need is right now.
Please help us to help others with no where else to turn.

Mercy Fund – Helping the Poor Receive Treatment

Most of us realize that health care in Canada has great needs. Our waiting times are long, there aren’t enough physicians and Emergency departments are crowded. But if you have been part of a PAN mission team that has had the opportunity to visit hospitals in Managua you realize how lucky we really are. The patients there have long waiting times, too few physicians and overcrowded ER’s. They also have limited access to medications and diagnostic procedures, and often basic medical supplies are not available. I can only imagine the frustration and sense of helplessness when the doctors tell parents that their son needs a CT scan but there isn’t any money to do it, or that their daughter will die from an infection unless the parents can purchase the antibiotics because the hospital supply has run out.

We have been receiving many requests to help poor people receive medical treatment that they cannot afford. We offered prayer but God seemed to want us to do more. Our P. A. N. board decided that a specially designated fund was needed to begin addressing these needs.

Thanks to Chippawa Presbyterian Church (Niagara Falls), a Mercy Ministry Fund has been established to help people in dire need of medical treatment.

  • There is a Hospital fund is used by the staff at the Lactation Unit to provide medications for both in and out patients.
  • The Mercy fund is used to meet individual needs; sometimes for diagnostic procedures, sometimes to purchase caskets, sometimes for medications and sometimes to pay for families to take a child home for burial.

PAN is very grateful for any support, financial, prayer, or taking part in a Team Mission Trip. Canadian income tax receipts will be issued for financial contributions of $20.00 CDN or more. More Information

The Container

Urgently Needed — Warehouse Space


Items can be delivered to the Fastforms warehouse, corner of Imperial Rd and Massey Rd., Guelph. Call Larry Hurren, 519-836-7502, or Don Vickers 519-837-2987 to arrange for someone to open the warehouse.


Bunk beds in good condition (no mattresses please unless new)

Single beds in good condition (no mattresses please unless new)

Single bed size sheets and pillowcases (no stains)

Towels (new or almost new)

Industrial type warming trays (for serving food)

Large size cooking pots

Large size coffee urns

Set of stainless steel cutlery


You can help PAN Missions by clicking the “donate” button on the bottom left ! If you prefer, you can send a cheque to our office.

Great Idea!!

Rebecca (McIntosh) Stortz decided not to put the usual kind of favours on the tables at her recent wedding. Instead, each guest was given a tag explaining that a donation had been made on their behalf to PAN Missions. Rebecca gave us a generous cheque equal to the amount she would have spent on favours. What a terrific idea!

Thank you Rebecca for thinking of us. May God richly bless you and your new husband as you start out your new life together.