MAC Sports

The MAC Sports Ministry was created in 2006 to ‘bring kids to Christ through sports’. Literally thousands of kids hear the word of God each year, many for the first time, through sports camps, school programs, and church leagues, as well as the baseball academy that runs three days each week. One focus is to train leaders that will sustain and grow each program, creating a change in culture to live lives of faith, trust, sharing, and caring for each other.

Soccer team photo in Nicaragua

New Skills Teams

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”   – Winston Churchill

Daily life is difficult for the very poor of Nicaragua. There is never enough money or food. Jobs are scarce and the pay is very low. Each day is the same struggle except sometimes it gets harder.

New Skills teams are committed to bringing change to the neediest of communities by teaching skills that will assist them in earning an income. Currently teams are working with women teaching sewing and basic hair cutting techniques. Training teams work with their student groups equipping them with the skills  necessary to start their own small businesses or participate in a business co-operative.

Please contact us if you would like to join an established team, would like to form your own team or have a new skill idea that you think would provide opportunities for the people of Nicaragua.

New Skills teams provide trainers as well as enough equipment to start the new business ventures. They are an exciting way to share your talents and build relationships and give a gift that can change a life.

Ministry Teams

Ministry and evangelistic teams move throughout Nicaragua sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of disciplines. Puppets, drama and music are used to minister to the people of Nicaragua. Supports are offered to local church leadership and assistance is given with outreach events. The teams are well received and this throws open the door to the introduction of Jesus Christ.

Construction Teams

Construction teams remain the most sought after of PAN’s teams. Churches, Sunday Schools and Day Schools often meet in enclosures built from whatever supplies are available. Often times these supplies may consist of plastic sheeting and cardboard.

Construction teams are expensive. In addition to the individual’s travel expenses, teams must raise approximately $14000USD for each project. But the rewards far exceed the sacrifice. In addition to the knowledge of providing a community with a building that they would never be able to build for themselves, team members are given an opportunity to work side by side with new friends, forging relationships that will pay dividends long into the future. Maybe into eternity.

Please contact us if you are interested in forming a building team. PAN has a long waiting list of projects waiting for teams.

Sewing Teams

Since 2007, PAN Missions has been organizing women’s teams who teach sewing techniques to the women of Nicaragua, we even teach knitting and crocheting. Basic skills show the women that they too can make money to support their families as well as sew school uniforms that help their children receive a higher level of education.

We teach such basics as sewing a baby’s hospital nightgown, diapers, little girls’ dresses and so much more!! They form into C0-0ps where they work together in a Church (one that Pan has built), thus starting their own business. They will work together and encourage each other at the same time.

We have seen such amazing smiles,and developed such amazing friendships! Our goal is to raise up women who are confident and independent. They can utilize their creativity and skills and their children will see the role model their mothers have become. These women will become women who teach other women, nourishing and empowering them.

In 2017, we added weaving milk bag mats to their skills and they were delighted! This has so many benefits…including taking out of the landfill, millions of bags that normally take up to 10,000 years to decompose. We ship down the milk bags collected in Canada, then build a very simple loom and teach them how to weave mattress-sized mats on it. These can then be used in the hospitals and prisons as well as in poor barrios (neighbourhoods). (They are sanitary by hosing them down and soft too). Not only that, but they last for 10 years or more!!

While we teach the mothers, their children are treated to a childrens’ ministry where they do crafts and singing and games!

At a time in life where Canadian women have more free time to explore ways to serve others, this is a very good fit!